Pessismism, Fack Yeah!

I read the news every day. I’m selective in my sources. I try not to read articles from sources I know to have an overt political leaning, for example the DailyMail, FoxNews, MSNBC, etcetera. Though I admit a small fondness for NPR. If I have to read an article from any of these sources, I take what they say with a grain of salt. The more neutral and factual the source is, the better.

So when I say I am depressed about the US, understand that I did not come to this viewpoint by blindly accepting vitriol being fed to me by talking heads.
The attacks on public resources, the mounting pressure to privatise everything concerns me greatly. Of course, public resources are not being well-handled by the people in charge currently which is why these idiots are getting traction. But we’re trading the devil we know for the devil we can’t afford.
I don’t mean we should leave things the way they are to slowly molder into bureaucratic rot. I just wish we would all start caring again about our government. Realize that it is there to serve us, not be our enemy or our burden. Instead of tearing down programs and handing them off to the highest bidder we should fix them. And then, gasp, improve them. But I know it’s nearly impossible, and that’s why I am depressed.
Polarization and the splitting the country down the middle, politicians being completely unable to compromise in any way and only fixated on fundraising for their next campaign, and of course just sheer ignorance in the population. Many people are unable to see what will benefit for them and their children, and just vote for the one Jesus likes most and not for the one the talking head on Fox News said is going to take away your social security. Conversely, vote for the guy who talks perty and promises to fix all the bad things, way overinflating his eventual ability to do what was promised.
Funny thing, I just read today that one of the first things the Senate did on their first day back this year was attack social security. The mental gymnastics a portion of the public go through to think politicians are truly on their side and not trying to dismantle or privatise pretty much everything so they and their friends can line their pockets is astounding.

Another thing that astounds me is the incredible belief that the social safety net should be dismantled and that the steadily growing amount of impoverished people should be given assistance through “charity.” The great thing about that is that private religious charities can decide who they want to help. If they don’t want to help atheists or “dirty hom0s” well, that’s their religious freedom! Or anyone else they don’t like, because religion. And millions will slip through the cracks unhelped because a significant portion of the population are dumb, wishing we all lived in the 50s when everyone was identical and clean-cut and those awful different people stayed in hiding like they should. And the even more horrific thing about this is that those barely better off than these people will smugly say those paupers just need to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

What bootstraps? The bootstraps to pull oneself out of poverty are disappearing. A certain type of bootstrap costs more than 40k now, ensuring you’ll be paying for your bootstrap twenty years into your job as a barista at Starbucks, since bootstraps don’t ensure quality jobs anymore. But it’s your fault, because you just didn’t try hard enough to achieve that American Dream!

Hoping for universal income is too much, sometimes, considering how sick our mindset has become. This country is slowly stabbing itself in the face.


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