Movies and Real Life

Someone on FB said this about the movie industry and it was quite apt: “The truth is that most female characters that are badass are usually characters that reject femininity, because at the core, the movie industry still views femininity as a trait that must be overcome for you to be strong and in control of your own life.”

Haha, me alert. I’m wondering how much of my views about femininity come from the influence of movies, TV, books, etc and how much comes from the fact that the feminine women in my life were bad influences? Perhaps one nurtured the other.

Anyways. I worked out last week. I hurt my legs so badly that only today they feel normal again. Which means, I must venture out into the garage, and work out again. It’s bitterly cold outside. Single digits. I wouldn’t mind lugging myself out there, but I don’t have snow pants that fit, or waterproof snow boots. I should really get some. Wandering around in the snow seems excellent.



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