Happy Thoughts

So, today is far better than yesterday.

Though I was deep, deep in a funk yesterday at work, I was eventually able to lift out of it and get working hard on something due the next day.

Not that the account stuff isn’t still an issue. It’s still a low-grade unhappiness in the back of my mind. I hate having to set up a new account, but picking subreddits was fun. I’ve got a few now that I didn’t have before. I have to remind myself, it doesn’t matter. So what. The kneejerk reaction of total emotional meltdown was unwarranted.

Today is a big day, really. It’s the day our mortgage goes below 10k. A couple of days ago, my husband finally, finally had the emotional understanding of what it means to be mortgage-free, to own a home free and clear. His work is going through layoffs right now, and he was talking to a few co-workers who were worried they were going to be laid off. He told me he felt no concern at all, and that was when he realized what it meant to be financially secure. He was practically manic when he came home that night talking about it, and it made me happy. I had been talking up the idea of paying off the mortgage for years, but he had never really understood what it meant until that day. My payoff for making the effort. Gosh darnit, people need to realize how smart I am. /s

Other good things? Duties at work are cleared up. And tonight I have something fun to do.

::performs the legbeard dance of joy::

::sips Mountain Dew::


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