Downright Perky

Woah, I almost feel like a normal person today.

Probably a combination of a decent amount of sleep and this being my third day with next to no smokes.

I don’t know if it’s the Chantix or the fact that I have pretty much stopped smoking 3-4 days in. When I first took it last year, the starter pack said to start taking it seven days before your actual “quit” day. The first time around, I smoked 10 smokes the first day, 8 the second, 6 the third, and so on down to zero. Right now is a more extreme quit – I had 6 smokes the first day, <2 the second, and so far today, none. This might also be due to the fact I am taking second-month doses – 1mg a day versus the 0.25, 0.5mg, 1mg pills that came in the first month starter pack. I already know that I tolerate this drug well, so I dove right in. My dreams have been more vivid, but when you have stupid dreams about missing meetings at work it doesn’t matter that they’re more vivid. Oh, speaking of meetings.

I was downright extroverted today at the morning scrum. Funny how not being afraid you smell like stale smoke can boost your spirits. I like the way I feel right now, it’s a transitional state of mind. I feel sharper. I am also more irritable right now but it’s a reasonable trade-off. I want this to work. I want to not smoke again. This feeling of liberation can and will last.


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