Smokes, Let’s (Not) Go. (Part 2)

Day 8 of quitting smoking.

Friday was pretty excellent. Made the last payment on the house. Much celebration. Sadly, dysfunction otherwise ruled my weekend. I ended up buying food and just filling my face. Not much or any accomplishment. I am, however, still detoxing from years of smoking so I’ll give myself some slack.

I only have a few more days of chantix left. I think I’ll be alright. I am still having serious craving cues. I’ll do something and then think, time for a smoke. The benefits timeline I am looking at says after day 10 I’ll have less than two per day. After 2-4 weeks, the emotional side effects will decrease. Maybe I will stop binging. Who knows!

On to the side effects of chantix. I am finally getting the cool dreams the drug is known for.

Friday, I bought a DSLR to celebrate making the last payment on the house. Friday night, I dreamed I took the DSLR (and my cat) on a trip exploring a partially abandoned underground mall. The most interesting place was the library, a decrepit and sprawling place. My cat was with me, and she ran through a large crack in a wall. I crawled through the crack after her into a room filled with bookshelves. Bookshelves from floor to ceiling, the floor and ceiling were bookshelves as well. It was moldering and dusty, and light came in through one of the corners of the room where mother nature had found her way in. I stepped further into the room and then noticed the bookshelf floor was sagging in one area, a circular downward slope. I walked around it and went to find my cat. There was some furniture sitting around the room, with stuff piled on it. In one chair I found someone’s pocket wallet stuffed with cash. And that was the end of the dream, haha.

Saturday night I had cool dreams as well, but I can’t remember them.

Last night’s dream was about Wildbow’s webserial “Twig.” I dreamed I was one of the Lambs in some sort of strange theme park, and we found that Sylvester had a predecessor who had taken the Wyvern formula and who was now grown. He was asian and a real cool dude. Backflips were involved.

Meh. Nothing too exciting otherwise. I hope I stop wanting to smoke soon. I hope I stop eating the pounds back on soon. ;_;



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