Having My Cake and Eating It Too (Chop Chop)

Well, I did it. I finally did it.

I got allll my hair cut off.


I definitely don’t have the face for it. I commented to the stylist that with my face and build I could be mistaken as a dude. But, I love it! It feels so strange that my head is so light.

Well, not that anyone at work will know! I got my new hairpiece, a full wig, the same day. I needed the pixie cut to keep the hair on the back of my head from distorting the back of the wig, and creating a telling hump. And I wanted the pixie cut because I’m sick of my thin, fine natural hair. Two birds, one stone.

I love leading a double life. At home, I am a masculine female with mild gender dysphoria (aka myself) and at work I am a presentable, feminine-looking woman (aka, a more employable woman.) Fool all the people!

The new piece is fantastic. Chin length, dark brown with golden highlights, wavy on the sides. Visually similar to my natural hair but 1000% better looking. Fuller, with more height on the top, and styled. Maybe a little darker than I wanted, but it suits me, still. I’ll probably go a bit lighter on the shade next time. And, I want more pieces. Variety of looks is incredible and achievable with wigs. The notion that a woman must have great natural hair is damaging. Every time I spot a woman with bad thinning hair on the crown like mine I want to evangelize the wonder of toppers and wigs, but I don’t. Because who knows, they may be comfortable with it.

I feel delightful in the current moment. Able to have both things that I want in life; to be accepted by others (hairpiece) but with the freedom of also having very short hair.

::performs legbeard dance of joy::


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