Okay, so I made a plan to show up to the local Unitarian Universalist place in the next town over on Sunday. Fifteen minute drive from home, informal dress code, nothing can go wrong.

I’ve been meaning to check this place out for a long while. Years. I just could never move my a5s to get there. But, as I told my husband, I need support. I’m not getting it from friends and family. I’ll check this place out. I need to check this place out.

I also advised him not to tell his friends if I start to go regularly. The female half of The Couple also expressed interest in checking out the UU. Not that I want to deny her something nice, but because I know if they showed up, any friends I made there would gravitate to her and her husband and their small child. And then The Couple would tell them how weird I was. Well, that’s a misplaced fear. What’s more likely is I’d show my own weirdness quite well without them having to say anything.

It would just suck to have something be mine, and then have it taken away. How awkward would it be to have to avoid them while at a place I came to to feel connection and fellowship. I guess what I mean is the experience would be tainted. Husband’s only response to what I told him (I’m checking this place out, you don’t have to go, don’t tell anyone) was “okay.” That’s all I need to hear, really.

Just the thought of being around kind, like-minded people buoys me a bit. Their principles are definitely in sync with mine – the belief that people all have inherent value. No fire and brimstone, just humanist principles. It’ll be a nice break from the conservative hell of my town and workplace. This might work out very, very well. I almost feel hopeful.

Hoorah, like-minded people! Emotional support! I’m excited.


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