So, what I had long feared happened yesterday. I had a sit-down with my supervisor and manager about my work performance.

But I’m not sh1tcanned. In fact, at 4:30 today I’m going to be talking to said manager about taking unpaid leave.


I’m going to push for two weeks leave. Two weeks to decompress, unfack my sleep and hygiene schedule, and maybe, just maybe, draw and write some.

I’d told Husband in the past I wanted to take unpaid leave. I researched it as well. But the meeting forced my hand, and everything went better than expected. The best part of the leave is that when I discussed it with my supervisor, he said that taking leave when I planned to might coincide with all members of the team being involuntarily, temporarily, out of work. This is a hazard that happens with the government giving out contracts; sometimes when a contract ends they don’t get the new one out in time. What a surprise, right? This is the government we’re talking about. This results in a “gap”- if there’s no new contract out yet to pay workers, they don’t work. Of course, when the new contract rolls out, the workers are back on payroll.

So, there’s a chance that while I’m out, so is everyone else on the team. Who knows what will happen – maybe no gap will happen at all. Even so, taking leave at the very beginning of a contract is better than taking it at the end.


Two weeks. Two weeks to get my sh1t together with 100% dedication. I am excited. I need to plan what goals I want to accomplish over those two weeks, yet I need to be careful not to over-plan myself. I have a tendency to do that, then when presented with implementing the plan I get overwhelmed.

Let’s get going. Next post will be a debrief of 4:30 meeting with my manager, and a refined version of the following.

From highest priority to lowest priority:
1. Sleep schedule overhaul. I’m going to start getting up earlier. Today, after the meeting with manager/supervisor, I got up at 9AM. But I’d really like to see how I do getting up nearer to sunrise. More time to get stuff done. As much as I love late nights, maybe it’s time to try being an early bird.
This means getting up at around 7AM. Hmmm. Dare I try waking at 6AM? The easiest way to rise early, for me, is to pull an all-nighter than go to sleep the next day at an early time. So, I’ll plan for an all-nighter around the time my leave starts. tells me after the all-nighter I should fall asleep at 9:00. After that, I think 10:30 is my bedtime. If I want to wake at 7AM, 11:30PM. I don’t know. I get so optimistic, but my habits are hard to change. I’ll try it out. I’ll happily settle on rising at 8AM. Consistency is the only thing that matters here.

2. Hygiene overhaul. I shower once or twice a week at best. Not good. Not good at all. I should aim for every day showers, washing my body every day but washing my hair every other day. It’s not good for hair like mine (thin, fine) to be washed every day. Other goals: Teeth brushed twice a day. I’m good at brushing at night, but mornings? Eh.

3. Exercise. With two weeks to spend at home, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is not going to ruin my life. I’ve been wanting to start lifting again, but I keep putting it off since I know I’ll be physically destroyed for several days after the first time.

4. Draw and write. I am not going to spend those two weeks living on the internet, watching TV, and playing games.

5. Hoard overhaul. There’s stuff in my house that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. It needs to go out the door. I feel calmer with less stuff now, whereas before in the poor years I felt better with more stuff. Time to box stuff up and take it to the thrift store.

6. Short hair revelation. I’ve been considering returning from leave with short hair. This means saying goodbye to my wig. I love it, but it’s far too dark. I am very pale, and the wig is dark brown, whereas my natural hair is a gold-brown. The contrast of dark and glow-in-the-dark doesn’t look great. I’m considering also dying my natty hair a shade lighter. Boy, I’ll be unrecognizable when I return to work. But it’s time. Time to openly be myself.



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