Garbage-Eating Misery Sloth

The Saturday sleepover with highschool friends went better than expected. My fears of being mocked were unrealized. Whoo, that was nice. Seems like the punches come when I’m not expecting and prepared for them, most times.

Diet is going well. I couldn’t keep to it on Saturday night and my weight has remained steady since I checked on Friday. I’ve done this before, though, and tomorrow I will probably be down another pound of water weight.

Exercising has been making some difference there, too. I’ll go hit the treadmill at the tiny work gym after I get done helping a coworker.. Some time before 3, I guess.

On the sleep front, holy hell I didn’t sleep much this weekend, but I feel fine today. Weird!

I don’t have too much of a rant in me today. Must mean the diet change and trying to exercise might actually helping. My goal is an ongoing goal: don’t feel like sh1t by being a garbage-eating misery sloth. It’s important that I stick to this goal, every day, for the rest of my days.

It’s weird to feel this way. That I have a blog post open and I don’t have any inner venom to release. Is this what the alleged “normal” feels like?

Guess I’ll type up a big old to-do list.

Gather and sort laundry.
Wash all laundry.
Question Husband about his random piles of clothes on the floor in the bedroom. They stinking it up in there.
Go through workout clothes drawer and find what fits. What doesn’t fit can return to the drawer once 5-10 more lbs are lost.
Vacuum everywhere. Keeps the house smelling nicer.
De-cat-hair-ify the couch and the cat towers.
Change the bed sheets.
Make up a keto-flu broth to keep the cravings down.
Purge the cabinets of old and stale food I can’t eat anyway.
Locate all keto foods and centralize location.
Once the deck dries up from the constant rain, blow off the leaves.
Wipe down the walls and blinds in my office

Aww yeah. This blog is exciting. /s


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