Bump In The Road (Down with the Sickness)

Thursday I woke up with a tickle in my throat. Friday I woke up with a sore throat and light coughing. Monday, I called off work. Last night, I got closer and closer to sleep when the uncontrollable urge to cough yanked me out and away.

Today, I feel like a shambling zombie with abs sore from coughing.

Saturday and part of Sunday I went off of Keto, but have been back on it since. I haven’t weighed myself, though I have a feeling I am back in ketosis. My pants are super loose today and I keep pulling them back up, which is promising. I rolled with the punches and immediately transitioned back to keto Sunday night.

Upper respiratory infections suck. I went to urgent care on Friday, where I was told I likely had a virus. That means no antibiotics, just cough syrup and a weird lidocaine gargle liquid which has a disgusting consistency.

My throat isn’t sore anymore. I’m just coughing nearly 24/7.

Wugh. Yesterday didn’t seem too bad. It’s the poor sleep I got last night that’s killing me today. Protip: If you take extended-release mucinex before bed, don’t be surprised when the DM portion of the meds (suppresses cough) doesn’t take hold for hours. No more of that, just cough syrup.

Good news everyone. I just checked my cabinet at work and instead of the doctor-prescribed cough syrup, which makes me super drowsy, I have an old bottle of non-drowsy cough syrup. Today just got better.

Maybe a weight update tomorrow. These pants being loose is so awesome, though it means I need new pants.



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